Frequenly Asked Questions for Providers

Q.  What does CHAIN stand for?
A.   CHAIN stands for “Community HIV AIDS Intervention Network,” the former name for the currently named “Medical Subspecialty Services Referral Program.”

Q.  Who funds and operates the CHAIN Program?
A.   The CHAIN Program is funded by a Ryan White Part A grant from the US Department of Health and Human Services to Los Angeles County.  The Program is regulated by the Los Angeles County Division of HIV and STD Programs (DHSP) (formerly known as Office of AIDS Programs and Policy [OAPP]).  AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) is contracted with DHSP to provide CHAIN Program administration consisting of utilization management; medical oversight; provider recruitment; contracting and credentialing; and claims processing.

Q.  Should I directly refer to the County providers if the CHAIN – Medical Subspecialty Services Referral Program (CHAIN Program) is not an option for the patient?
A.   Yes, you should go directly to the County to expedite services for the patient.

Q.  Where can I find list of specialty providers to whom I can refer my CHAIN patient?
A.   See the CHAIN – Medical Subspecialty Services Referral Program Provider Directory.

Q.  Are routine labs covered by the CHAIN Program?
A.   No, all routine labs are performed at the patient’s primary care provider’s office.

Q.  Where can I submit a claim for the CHAIN Program?
A.   Send claims to: CHAIN Program, P.O. Box 7490, La Verne, CA  91750.  All claims must be submitted on a completed CMS1500, UB92, or UB04 claim form.

Q.  Does the a patient have to have a medical condition diagnosis related to HIV or AIDS to be covered under the CHAIN Program?
A.   Yes, it has to be related to HIV/AIDS for the speciality service to be covered.

Q.  Does the CHAIN Program cover any inpatient hospital services?
A.   No, the CHAIN Program covers only out-patient services.  See the list of covered and excluded services.

Q.  Does the CHAIN Program cover DME?
A.   No.  DME is not covered.  See the list of covered and excluded services.